hug you to death

I have an announcement: I spent $21 on new* shirts today. when i get my act together after work, i will post an extended monologue about these new shirts and how hot they are, and, if everyone behaves, i will indulge in a scientific rob neyer-styley breakdown of which one of these new shirts is most likely to result in me getting laid like i was kaz matsui.

in other news:
CB4 is misunderstood/underrated/rated about right but still really funny in spots
I’m running out of CD-Rs
Jersey Girl: more and more, Kevin smith is making me feel dumb for being an apologist for his earlier films. is it possible that jason lee’s character in mallrats and all of chasing amy are just the directorial equivalent of 2003 Esteban Loaiza?

also, anybody looking to commemorate the exact anniversary of umpire attack 2003 is welcome to join me at comiskey at 1:05 pm on april 15 for baseball. vegas odds on someone rushing the field at this game: 4:3.

preview of shirtfest 2K4:
shirt one is dark red with some kind of plaid thing going on. this shirt has short sleeves. this shirt is lockdown personified and then turned into a shirt.
shirt two is paisley, and longsleeved, and made of some sort of stuff fabric.
shirt three is brownish-yellow-tan and has dominant low-post repetoire.
shirt four i am not as proud of and may actually be terrible but only cost $2.

* new to me. propers to family thrift on n. milwaukee. i know some people in the audience have issued ex cathedra screeds against buying clothing from thrift stores. well, i bought these from a thrift store because i’m poor, not because i want to look poor. i want to look like a professional. a hot professional.

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