I was saying Boo-urns

Hellboy: Yeah whatever. More cats less things that look exactly like the predator.

So, like any other person who uses yahoo e-mail, i can’t avoid the headlines on yahoo’s front page, which are always right below the link to my inbox. i think my worldview is slowly being broken by their total and stunning inability to write headlines.

• Baghdad and parts of central Iraq chaotic
Because of the war? Or because of daylight savings or something?
• Anger grows on Iraqi Governing Council
Because of the chaos?
• 9/11 panel member faults Clinton inaction
This resembles a real headline
• NATO chief tries to ease Putin’s fears
It’s not gay if we don’t do it in a gay way
• Study: S.F. area has most Wi-Fi hot spots
Or: Scientists: Thing with most things has most things
• Quentin Tarantino planning third ‘Kill Bill’
This is obviously bad news. And this is the seventh most important thign in the world?

More on my boredom on this Good Friday later.

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