abortions for none

things consumed recently
The Grifters: I don’t get it. Was that the grift? Convince Annette Bening to follow you to Phoenix and try and kill you and then passing her body for yours and then coming to John Cusack’s house and stealing his money and then when he shows up, giving him a nice glass of ice water which you then smash into his face with a suitcase which causes him to die dramatically on top of the money, which you only steal like half of, even though that was what the whole motivation was. i guess it would have been a pain in the ass to roll over dead Cusack to get the money from underneath him. That was the scam? Or is supposed to be this big desparate conclusion that illustrates what the lack of steady honest employment does to the female psyche? Either way I don’t give a shit. I wasn’t a big fan of this movie. it was stylish, i guess, and the acting was great but it also had awful awful music and nothing much else going on to recommend it.

Permanent Midnight: I don’t know. I didn’t finish this movie because it’s sort of weird and made me feel uncomfortable. but i give everyone involved a A-minus for trying hard. “If i was percodan, where would i be?”

Sour cream and onion Tato Skins: DO NOT EAT THESE. THEY ARE POISON. I’m serious. i cant get the goddamn smell off my hands and I HAD TWO OF THEM. two chips and my entire life of not smelling like sour cream and onion is OVER.

Hellboy: I know I already said yeah whatever but, I have some extended thoughts on Hellboy. The principal thematic thrust of my inquiry into Hellboy is “I don’t get it” or, in simpler terms “what?”. What I thought the dealy was, going into Hellboy, was that i got some sort of crossbreeding of the sardonic mutant genre with side orders of absurdist humor and some of the perquisites of big budget dining, namely explosions and shit. i will allow that the movie was lovingly rendered and there is obviously some charm to the hellboy thing. but i dont get why instead of playing around with or subverting the tropes of actions movies, the movie is just a string of cliches. also, someone needs to explain to me how rasputin lives forever and whether or not the secret to living forever is just sleeping naked in a big puddle of ketchup.

anybody want to go splitsies

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