striking out for the main chance

weird craziness

I went to a sox game and got some sun, so it’s distinctly possible all this is some kind of bizarre hallucination-driven rant that i won’t even remember tomorrow, but it wouldn’t be the first time for that. i should also add that i read all of The Rum Diary while waiting to fall asleep and that probably has something to do with it as well. and now that i’ve fixed myself a sandwich for lunch, i realize i don’t feel as much of a rant coming on anymore. sorry for the let down. anyway, the sum total of what i was going to say was that i want to move to A) puerto rico B) new york or C) california. i feel like my inertia is creeping up my spinal column and slowly paralyzing me for a life spent in one place. i’m not sure that i can feel my toes anymore.

update on feelings of restlessness:
Better now. the rhythms of Asian literature has soothed my fears. now i can worry about important shit such as: my fantasee baseball team owns you. FEAR the nouveau americain dinner fare being slung by the Jake Peavy/Kip Wells/Ben Sheets/John Thomson kitchen.

also, Jim Caviezel’s next role: Bobby Jones

5 thoughts on “striking out for the main chance”

  1. i caught the infotainment for the bobby jones movie after phil mickelson’s inspiring win at the masters. no, really, i watched that and i don’t feel bad about that. appears to be jerry mcguire but with a famous golfer instead of a sports agent and scotland instead of l.a. and claire forlani inexplicably madeup to be kind of not good-looking. actually shot at st. andrews, which is probably only a big deal if you really like golf, though they were really excited about it. this movie isn’t going to be good.

  2. i watched the last round of the masters with moacir and had a mighty big time as well. it was captivating. i had forgotten the exquisiteness of quiettalking verne lundquist and rolling fairways on a sunday afternoon. for some reason watching the last round of a major golf tournament fills me with patriotism and vigor. anyway if the democrats can figure a way to harness the popularity of phil mickelson they cannot lose this election. i love phil mickelson so goddamn much it makes me want to puke. and i dont understand it.

  3. i don’t know whether watching golf is either secretly awesome or whether i just happened to watch two very good rounds of golf in the two times i have voluntarily watched golf (the other was davis love iii winning his first major, which i watched when i was living in a house in raleigh, nc by myself for 2 weeks and was 16 with no car and basically nothing to do). both times i was deeply moved.

    job hunt brought up the following: part-time sports agate guy for the la crosse (wi) tribune. in case you want to move to western wisconsin, which i think is deeply underrated. it was real pretty when i went there, at least.

  4. i hate to be so geeky as to post awesome lines from the simpsons, but the two episodes i watched tonight had two of the best ones ever:

    administrator guy to the school principal: “you want me to wear a tshirt? why don’t you just give me a sandwich board that says ‘male prostitute’?”

    marge: “passion is for teens and immigrants.”

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