my whole process

So i haven’t really accomplished anything recently other than getting to work either on time or slightly late (hey, if everyone else is even more late than me, then comparatively, i was on time. and no one knows i was late.) and watching shitty DVDs that netflix keeps mailing to me. they’re not that bad, they’re just not all that good. with the exception of blood simple, which was, well, simple, but kind of dope. the only news that i can offer to anyone is that i’m going to new york for most of the summer and possibly not ever coming back, or, depending on where you are, i wasn’t there to begin with so i can’t really come back. i only mention this as a set-up to going in for the kill, as i was taught at the muncie college of business administration: i have a cat (a wiry cat) that will need temporary shelter from roughly the middle of june until whenever i come back to take her to her new home. which would be sometime in august. so if anyone has a big heart with a small, angry cat-sized hole in it, i have one small angry cat for you to borrow. anyone? yeah this could be a tough sell.

in other news: i definitely got somewhat choked up reading the story about the iraqi war refugee dogs in today’s paper. i also went to the zoo and looked at monkeys and lions yesterday. it worked out, because there was some kind of street team handing out Skippy peanut butter snack bars which i then ate. and the elephants at the lincoln park zoo are AA-level players at best. orgizational filler.

2 thoughts on “my whole process”

  1. please for to tell this person what is the date after which I could no longer be finding of the Pete in Chicago?

  2. i will no longer available for interviews and meet and greets in the Chicagoland area after approx June 16ish of 2004.

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