advocacy program

i’m definitely not the smartest person in the world. if i was, i wouldnt have spent the last month thinking that my cd burner was broken when all i needed to do was not try and burn it at the fastest possible speed. and i gave someone money to see mean girls yesterday. i don’t know if that second one makes me dumb, or just kind of weird. but i swear to god i went with another person so at least i’m not as bad as the scumbag 30 year old guy who went BY HIMSELF. also, i wanted to mention something about gay militancy. now i myself personally am not gay or militant, but i just want it on the record that i am in favor of gay militancy and will lend whatever help i can to the gay liberation army. i’ll volunteer, i’ll cook, whatever. what can i do to be down?

One thought on “advocacy program”

  1. i dunno–the problem w/ mean girls is that it contains one hip, pretty awesome, legitimate sex symbol (tina fey) and one scumbag-target (lindsey lohan). so if you’re 30 and a big tina fey fan, no shame in that, then you probably want to check out mean girls. if you’re seeing it for lindsey lohan, then you’re probably actually a scumbag, though i hear she’s sort of the teen starlet of choice for tastemakers. maybe you should go see it wearing a shirt that says ‘tina fey kicks ass.’

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