no whammies

number of NFL players seen by me this year not in a tv: 2
BECAUSE: i saw Gerard Warren at Damon’s (terrible sports barstruant chain).

That is all. i will return with detailed notes on The ALamo, the new magnetic fields album, My Architect, beer prices at SW cleveland k-marts, cats.
(optional cut)
Also, my shoes smell increasingly bad. i am going to put them in the washing machine, even though the instructions on the tongue specifically forbid me from doing so. if anyone has defied the word of the shoe tongue before and had disaster visit them as a direct or indirect result please use the comment function to notify me and save my shoes from death.

also, i cut off some bummy-looking dude this afternoon when he approached me and was like SIR SIR excuse me SIR. so i just went ahead and said “yeah no thanks, OK” and then he called me “Salty Ass.” i was very happy with his response.

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