are you a cop?

i look like i fell down a well at some point today. thankfully, i didn’t. i think i got too much sun or something. there will be more on this later; for right now, i would like to call everyone’s attention to co-AL player of the week and former namesake of this blog victor martinez.

i decided i have been going to the movies too much and i didn’t want to see the ladykillers so i took a nice walk this afternoon from home to the division blue line stop. here are some stats on today’s walk:

average temperature: 98.6 (me) 81.0 (not me)
times guys shook cups full of change at me: 3
mcdonald’s passed: 2
iced coffees drank: 1
cute coffee shop employees who foisted franz ferdinand on me: 1
shirts purchased: 2
number of times i listened to the cd in my thing: 3
hot dogs i thought about buying: 1
other things i wanted to buy: sneakers. lap tops. beer. middle eastern food. basset hound.
crazy metal dudes with cats sitting on their shoulders: 0

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