i cant go for that (no can do)

first, i have a business proposal, by which i mean, not a business proposal but a rare opportunity to acquire a limited edition chicago maroon “terrorists win!” t-shirt, for obvious reasons. i;ll post a picture of the “terrorists win” fake maroon when i get home but for now, i offer you a ground-floor opportunity for the cost of 1 white t-shirt (which could be as little as $.99) and 1 iron on-transfer rounded up to the nearest dollar (i’m not running a charity here assholes). express your interest using the comments function. if you know what the terrorists win fake maroon is, you probably want a shirt, right. also, speaking fo the proud chicago maroon tradition, everybudy peep on the links for margarets webpage.

don’t nap while watching blue velvet.

i had another dream about the seattle mariners on monday night, wherein the red sox were about to beat the mariners in the ALCS and david ortiz was batting in the 9th inning but then al michaels/seymour hersh disclosed some kind of abu ghraib-ish information regarding the red sox which caused the entire country to turn against them, which i somehow knew even though the game was still going on. so then ortiz got a hit and the red sox won and everyone in boston was excited. also complicating things was that the mariners were all guys who looked like john olerud and one (1) ichiro who may have been playing out of position.

in other news, i have discovered that the secret to managing laundry is to do small loads often instead of very large loads infrequently.

i have also discovered that “wolfman jack” by todd rundgren is the best fucking song ever recorded.

the other day i saw a guy busking dressed in a kilt. because he was playing a bagpipe. i gave him a dollar because that was all the money i had.

the room in the basement of the art institute that’s just a bunch of tiny rooms inside the wall of the larger room: so, this is just pieces of fancy dollhouses?

salonica: i cannot rememebr why i gave you so much of my life. you are a weird dump.

olives: the new grapes.

5 thoughts on “i cant go for that (no can do)”

  1. i hereby pledge my monetary and emotional support to any and all reproductions of President Dylan and his masterpiece. can you make this at the t-shirt deli

  2. my theory is, the t shirt deli is for racebaiters exclusively. what we should do is go to fabric store, get some iron on thingees, then find some place with a nice printer (the maroon office has a nice printer but there is sort of an ideological objection to going there to do it, although one would have to go there to get it off the wall in the first place), then print out the things, and then use our ironing board and iron to make t-shirts, perhaps using t-shirts acquired from the store that sells white t-shirts for .99. you know, the one across from the congress theater, that also sells giant throw rugs with neon tigers on them and shit. this plan, it’s not complicated.

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