tom’s farting noise

what people come to this site looking for:
18 May, Tue, 16:25:36 MSN Search: bangladeshi sex movie
24 May, Mon, 13:22:29 Google: women wint to fuck
24 May, Mon, 13:23:06 Google: pete beatty

well, count 1, my attorney advises me to not discuss. and 2, well, i find it awesome that someone who types with the swedish chefs accent was looking for porn and found this. 3, whatever.

also, this is the #7 german-langauge search result for Wally Sczcerbiak.

tonight i came extremely close to freaking out and hiding under the desk at my cubicle-habitrail thingy at work. updates on this as it develops– i predict at least one fullfledged meltdown before june 12.

2 thoughts on “tom’s farting noise”

  1. [tom’s farting noise] was from the Chip on the Shoulder Club sketch from Mr show. you may remember it being transcribed as “brrrrappp”

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