RIP yellow/tan shirt, ?-2004

Love and Genes Can Beat Poverty -Study

Wed May 26, 6:15 AM ET

LONDON (Reuters) – Love and genes can overcome even the most abject poverty, according to a study into the effects of environmental factors on child development.

now, i don’t have time to properly parse that shit. maybe later. as for right now, i am getting over the fact that i spent about 7 hours watching the west wing over the past two days. i realize i am late to the “west wing is good” party but i have some comments that i think i can add some depth to the discussion. keep in mind that i don’t want you to ruin the rest of the first season for me but also keep in mind that i know josh gets shot but doesn’t die.

1. how come no one talks about how leo’s daughter? she is foyne.
2. it is not possible that josh and donna could sweat each other so much and still work together. or maybe donna does most of the sweating. i dont know. i don’t know.
3. toby is too much of a weenis to live sometimes or always.
4. also, doesn’t rob lowe work for toby and josh works for leo but then they seem to not have bosses or something. and the whole shit with mandy is garbage and she is insufferable. i cannot wait until she dies or disappears or whatever.
5. also, the first lady is kind of sleazy?
6. what happened to the hurricane that was eating the entire navy? they get you all ready for it and even do a cliffhanger and then nothing.

moving on, sadly, recent and beloved addition to the pete beatty family of shirts Browny Yellow shirt was diagnosed with the shirt version of diptheria or something. the fabrics started to sort of come undone in this part down by the belly and i tried to cut the loose ends with scissors and now, predictably, there is a scissor-shaped hole in the front. goddamn it.

beloved shirts we have lost this past year:
1. blue-ro: carmexxed to death in washing machine
2. the plaid sort of cowboy-looking one from high school: permanently stained from that one time i slept in a bathtub
3. Browny Yellow
4. also, althought it was not a shirt, i did have a pair of khakis that were also killed during the carmex shirt massacre of autumn 2K3.

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