she’s gone, she’s gone, something about the devil

accomplished recently:
1. emptied litterbox.
2. realized there was very little replacement litter for litterbox.
3. had sitdown with the cat about how she was going to have to only go to the bathroom a couple times over the next day or so.
4. listened to “She’s Gone” by Hall and Oates approx 5x. (i burned a cd of what i was listening to this morning and by a sort of terrible concidence, “She’s Gone” is followed immediately by “Fire” by Arthur Brown which means the smooth sounds of white soul are followed by a crazy motherfucker screaming about “I AM THE BURNING GOD OF FIRE” which scared the shit out of me all five times it happened today especially when it happened on the escalator coming out of the subway because i thought the guy next to me was screaming at me.)
5. made plans to get out of the house.
6. played vice city for a while (i bought the strip club and the boatyard and assassinated that guy at the airport and stole his briefcase)
7. remained in house until legally required to leave

going all the way back to fridayish,

The Day After Tomorrow: Worst movie i have seen in a theater since either 54 or the Mario Brothers Movie? some lowlights: there is a new ice age because the gulf stream is chilled by melting polar ice caps. before this is even explained in the movie universe, Los Angeles is destroyed by tornados. apparently the tornados attacked LA in a sympathy strike to show solidarity with the giant ICE HURRICANES that freeze the northern hemisphere (and also have not even been introduced yet). i mean, what the fuck? and why would they leave the cute kid dying of cancer behind until the last possible ambulance?

Van Helsing, on the other hand, was a laugh and a half. the beginning and middle had a lot of boring talking about dracula that made me fall asleep but then the end was the funniest thing i have ever seen. it feels good to have to supress laughter because the people in front of you are trying to enjoy the emotional climax where kate beckinsale gets a special darth vader funeral on top of a cliff while Frankenstein (who has all his worldly goods bundled up like a cartoon hobo) poles his raft off into the ocean to find an island to live on (van helsing apparently let him go, but the vatican wanted frankenstein dead. also, van helsing has just recently stopped being a werewolf). a big issue in the second half of the movie is that van helsing adopts a humanitarian pro-Frankenstein stance (justified by team-first attitude from Frankenstein). so i guess it’s a small victory that they didn’t kill Frankenstein at the order of the Vatican. but couldn’t he have stayed for the funeral? did he have to leave right then?

also, i met the dog next door briefly when taking the bag of wiry cat’s doo doo butter outside. i thought he was friendly; however he may have just known i had a sack of cat dook that he wanted to eat. his name was sam.

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