no pain

i think i’m having some kind of flashback to 1996: i’ve been listening to techno music (yeah i listened to roni size in high school.say something and i’ll fucking kill you), watching playoff hockey and playing video games. i’ve also been reading a lotabout kenyans getting treated terribly by other kenyans. i did not do that in 1994, as far as i recall. i need to rest now and the cat is sitting on me. here’s the plan: we stack the bodies in the cellar and leave, one by one. wait a minute. that’s the plan from the mrs peacock ending of clue. i might need a new plan.

One thought on “no pain”

  1. Here’s the new plan: we commission the nine-fingered man to set up a bomb to implode the tunnel, put the money in suitcases and put the suitcases in the back of the cadillac, and then run out on the Vegas hotel room bill.

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