only flaherty got one

i don’t care to spend much time here this fine morning but i will point the following things out:

one, the indians are back around .500. the upshot of this is that you can all cram one.

two, i’m going into some kind of terrible problem because i have not been able to watch or read about or talk to other baseball fans. this is terrible and i hate it. two and a half, made the terrible decision to take away my rob neyer columns and they will pay for this.

i’m not sure why i really bothered with this. people use the comment function to tell me the following bits of information:

1. a place where i might get sneakers in new york
2. a place where i might get records in same

also, i still have only ventured outside of these prison walls once. not that i actually feel like i am in a prison. it’s just that i haven’t seen any of the rest of the city except for a belgian robin hood-themed restaubar, a fucked up pier in brooklyn, some other bar, a third bar, larchmont train station, grand central, dave’s house, a casino in connecticut, borough hall, a stretch of some street that wasn’t broadway from 72nd to 78th, the inside of that one train, the insides of several subway stations, the corner of central park, the foot locker down there, that fucked up linen store, and that other bar. and the first bar as well, as well as the bar from the other time and the bar from yesterday featuring two zimplemen. and the bar where i had to drop bows on hipsters just to get to the bathroom. well, now that i think about it, some of those places aren’t even in new york. also, i’ve been in way too many bars in the past two weeks. so tell me shit to do in NY that isn’t best described as being in a bar. I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS.

another also, people from the east coast need to stop lying about the pizza. its good, and different, but there is no qualitative failure on the part of midwestern foods referred to commonly as pizza. alright i badly have to go to the bathroom now, but before i go, i saw a guy wearing a yao ming jersey in some park in brooklyn.

2 thoughts on “only flaherty got one”

  1. Other Music, you rockist bastard. Other. Music.

    In re kicks, I can do further research on NY specialty spots, if you’d like a pair of Japanese import remixed Asics or something. Or there’s always Foot Locka.

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