sorrows of young werthers original

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Kenny Williams must be autistic or something. 2003: White Sox have most talent in AL Central by fair sight. Add Carl Everett and Robbie Alomar, neither of whom do much of anything. Result: Get abused, in a not unerotic way, by the Twins, repeatedly. 2004: You don’t even have the most talent in the AL Central anymore. Well before trading deadline, trade Miguel Olivo and some crap for more crap, or Freddy Garcia as some people insist on calling him. Allegedly, this shores up your rotation. Then the Twins come calling and abuse you some more. Solution: Get Carl Everett and Roberto Alomar, both, again. Result: I think we can see where this is going. I don’t understand baseball anymore. It might be that I haven’t been able to watch enough Baseball Tonight, but Baseball Tonight’s not the answer anymore. They tampered with natural law by reducing the amount of Peter Gammons and adding another ex-ballplayer (the demi-literate John Kruk) to go along with Harold Reynolds, who could probably lose an argument to an inanimate object. And now de-mustached Jayson Stark doesn’t appear to be on TV at all anymore. Here’s my main question: Why don’t they get Rob Neyer on TV? I’ve been nothing but frank about my opinions on Rob Neyer’s personal appearance. Unless he has a brutal speech impediment or talks like a girl (which I guess would qualify as a speech impediment from a certain perspective) there is no reason this man should not be on TV at all times wearing his lumberjack shirt. Also, Grady Sizemore. That is all.

One thought on “sorrows of young werthers original”

  1. i think the roberto alomar thing was a joke. like carl everett: pretty good last year for the sox. so they got him back. then ken williams was like, you know what would be funny? i mean, what’s a couple minor prospects for a good joke.

    other ws observation: joe borchard is TERRIBLE. which is important to keep in mind. w/o magglio and thomas in the lineup, they played joe borchard, who is probably wondering if it’s too late to pull a drew henson.

    what might happen with rob neyer is what happens when you hear bill simmons on the radio. he sounds like a GIANT DORK. not girly, just very, very twerpy. which isn’t to say i have an especially impressive radio voice. i may not sound like less of a dork. i’m just saying. you adjust, and he’s pretty funny on the radio–sort of his column B material, which is impressive for offthecuff. but it takes some adjustment.

    espn (tv version) is in the tank. have you caught the ‘old school sportscenter’ shit? bringing back kilborn, steiner, ley, etc.? this is a big red flag that says: WE’RE SORRY WE SUCK NOW.

    [would anyone be against running old sportscenters on espn classic? i’d watch a couple.]

    stuart scott sucks but makes sense, because idiots like him. harold reynolds probably made sense at the time, and now they can’t fire him.

    the john kruk hire was clearly malicious. just a hateful act. and then they gave him a column.

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