Let me off at this jetty

Systematically Underrated: Street bananas. You can get delicious bananas in NYC from guys on the street for $.25. They also sell other assorted fruits. Mostly, I’ve stuck to the bananas. 14 out of a possible 10.

Also, I discovered the end of hope. It’s the subterranean mall attached to the Herald Square PATH station. This isn’t a knock on the PATH or New Jersey. It’s a knock on this mall: it’s probably the worst place in the world. it’s like a black hole of good intentions. More on that if I figure out what I mean.

Hoboken: Sort of nice.

Fort Greene, Brooklyn: Would be nice, if you could actually live there. That goes for much of NYC, incidentally.

The block immediately north of Shea Stadium: You can’t park a burned out wrecked car there. But that guy did.

That’s enough of this crap. I’m in a copy place in the village and I don’t especially want to remain here all that much longer. Or at all.

For your edutainments: We must protect this house.

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