i can’t hit anybody, i’m on probation

Assorted news and notes:
shitballs. of the three elected officials i met in 12th grade government class, he’s the first one to be found (mostly) naked and unresponsive in a stranger’s lawn. at least he didn’t get shot and wander to cal ripken’s doorstep. although it’s possible dennis kucinich has been found naked and unresponsive before, it’s just that i don’t know about it.

also, let’s elect manu ginobili president. i don’t care if he’s ineligible on a half-dozen techicalities. the guy is the best money player since ben broussard.

i should probably do something more productive. sorry.

One thought on “i can’t hit anybody, i’m on probation”

  1. Saying his risky amateur gumshoe work was inspired in part by documentary filmmaker Michael Moore, Patterson called himself “revolutionary but gangster.”

    “Call me Captain Kirk,” he said. “I’m gonna go where no man has gone before.”

    Banana boy:

    who wins a fight between corey patterson and aaron patterson?

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