the god of small things is dead

if i got here at 12:30 (let’s call it noon, the train was delayed so i meant to be here on time) and it’s 3:37, and i still haven’t been asked to do anything today, does that mean i’m free to leave? i feel like i’m free to leave. maybe i’ll leave. the court will have it read into the record that i have in fact seen at least 3 authority figures today. it’s just that i didn’t talk to any of them and they didn’t happen to shout out instructions while i was scurrying towards pretzel nibblers in the vending machine.

things i made friends with today:
a. a large plastic cup full of yogurt with onions and whatnot in it. grade: D+ for DEADLY WHEN DELICIOUS. middle eastern food, do not lean back.
b. two bananas from a cart guy at roughly boerum place and livingston street in b’klyn. not the best bananas i’ve ever had. yet they were only 25 cents each. so who wins? everybody? i think so. i’ve eaten so much potassium in the past week i can’t imagine i wont be able to see through time very soon. but when i do gain the ability to see through time, concept such as “very soon” and “past week” won’t matter very much. because i’ll see through time.
c. 7:40 a.m. flight from cleveland to laguardia.
d. one of my FIVE (5) pairs of new pants
e. some peanut butter and rye bread.
f. sourdough pretzel nibblers

i feel a hinky excuse for leaving work coming on. i hate not doing anything. and i’m sleepy as fork. on the plus side: someone, probably some sort of recently departed intern, left a container of somethign called “SUGAR COOKIE” “BUFF YOUR BODY POLISHING SUGAR SCRUB” <>. it’s from the DEMETER FRAGRANCE LIBRARY. vous sentez-vous un peu rude sure les bords? Adoucissez votre peau. Calmez votre esprit. Remettez-vous en forme de la tete aux pieds. I’ll point out that this product is FABRIQUE AUX ETATS-UNIS. in great neck, actually. so i’m not really sure why the label is in french. update: burning desire to leave abated. or at least is being succesfully suppressed. wait. it’s back. almost 4:30. i suppose i could probably leave now and it wouldn’t shame anyone. but you never know with shame. at the very least i could stop doing this crossword puzzle.

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