go to college and talk real loud

i agree whet for the most part: kerry won the debate, and it was a fun debate to watch, partially because of the vokda, three yuenglings and 48 oz of bud light that i drank, and kerry missed a handful of openings for a knockout punch. kerry absolutely could have delivered an ivan-drago-killing-apollo-in-slow-motion-eque death blow when bush refused to back off his statement of mission accomplished. kerry should have ripped his head off and then dunked it a la the no limit gorilla on that one. all in all, i think both candidates would do well to co-opt as much no limit records iconography as possible, beginning with the golden tank and then taking it up a notch by wearing patent leather basketball uniforms, and also having their respective campaign staff stand in a half-circle behind them and yell “god damn” and “unnnh” or “john mother (#*&$#($&in kerry bytches” whenever they make a point.

underrated moment for bush:
LEHRER: ... talking about the truth of the matter. He used the word "truth" again. Did that raise any hackles with you?
BUSH: Oh, I'm a pretty calm guy. I don't take it personally.

bad moment for kerry:
using “pluck and perserverance.”

i should go do something.

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