this president is not above the law

tony womack
not for sale

sick day. some things that are helping me through my time of illness: the show on the food network with the cute 33 year old looking lady who cooks extremely basic italian dishes. it took me several viewings to realize that the shit she cooks is deeply unimpressive, and mostly just involves tomato sauce and mozzerella cheese. i don’t care, she’s hot, in a sort of danny darwin i’m-not-that-good-but-i-have-a-mustache-and-pitch-with-both-hands way.

as for the picture of tony womack, i can’t explain that. other than he looks like a klingon with his hat off. and i watched star trek VI yesterday. also, the dad from that 70s show (bitches leave) is in the other picture. believe it. i am going to rest more and think about what i’ve done wrong.

3 thoughts on “this president is not above the law”

  1. The chef’s name is Giada DiLaurentis. I’ve been making fun of her and Rachel Ray for about a year now. Don’t ask, I need help. New York city is weird, Pete. I was recently there, and the non-cable TV was picking up Food Network. What gives?

  2. NYC is exclusively for assholes, i’ve determind. my non cable also gets the food network. which is nice, i guess. but somehow all that’s ever on is mark summers talking about prepared food and sitting in a diner and being OCD.

  3. um. greg harris threw with both hands. i got oil can boyd’s autograph on an ’86 red sox jersey with doug mirabelli’s name and number taped to the back of it. and i’m in italy right now. believe it! (this last statement is meant to be read in the voice of jose lima saying ‘belieeeeve it’. thank you for your time.

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