bearded countess

As with 95% percent of things appearing on this entertainment, what follows probably sprung from some sort of larger thought about something– and the point, if there was one, was to bend what might have been meaningful commentary about the world as far towards mild obscenities and weird in-jokes as i felt comfortable with. i already lost my thought. my bullet points for today are that for the second time in as many months, i’ve watched the last 45 minutes of Save the Last Dance and secretly reverse fake secretly enjoyed it A LOT.

Some questions I have about this text:
1. at various points it is claimed that the primary black guy (i forget his name) is going to become a surgeon, or go to georgetown, but there is also direct evidence that he is some kind of ballet-hip-hop-dance fusion pinball wizard. please to explain.
2. why is terry kinney is this movie, and why does he seem so tired? is this part of the backstory that i missed, like he had his enthusiasm amputated after his wife left him?
3. in the credits, is Sticky Fingaz from Onyx credited as Sticky Finga (from Onyx), or did he give it up? also, why does the trunk of sticky fingaz’ car explode when shot at by the rival thugs?
4. when exactly did it become ok to say bitch and ass on tv?
5. did she fail to get into julliard before? how do you study being good at dancing? are the homework assignments like “don’t eat ANYTHING” or “be 5% better at dancing in two weeks”?

one of you is going to deny me and one of you is going to betray me:

my other main news from the past two days is that i’m ready to sign off on the LeBron James era, so long as Z Ilgauskas remains prominentally pictured on all 2004-5 NBA championship memorabilia. i have to go, i’m in my underpants and it’s very cold.

One thought on “bearded countess”

  1. Part of conversation between two men overheard at the Blockbuster in the Jewel Plaza near Division and Milwaukee:
    “Yeah, save the last dance was pretty kick-ass.”

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