The new golden dawn

I’m at a temp job. Which represents the first honest-living-sourced content in like four months. But this post is specifically not about honest living. It;s about, in theory, the books I read last year, but mightly principally turn out to be about how the guy who i’m supposed to be listening to and learning from as he fields phone calls from school administrators and teachers is working on possibly the biggest single-instance usage of smokeless tobacco i have ever seen. it’s really pretty impressive. maybe it’s not the kind of smokeless i think it is, because i think it’s dip. he just walked to the break room sink with the body language of a guy who reallys wants to spit something out immediately. my job is putatively making phone calls here but it has not even been suggested yet that i pick up the telephone. Can I take eight weeks of this? is it even eight weeks that I am supposed to work here? you can forget about the book list, incidentally. i should really od something else.

books i read this morning
The Devil and Sonny Liston by Nick Tosches: I was not aware that we needed James Ellroy to save non-fiction. I’m not sure that we do. My initial enthusiams for this book cooled a little bit when i read the sentence “The night, motherfucker, was theirs.” but still, this is interesting shit, in theory?

I can’t remember what my goal was for this year, as far as reading books was concerned. I think it might have been 52 books, one for each week. Also attendant to this plan is that i have stopped reading the newspaper (not clear why) and also i am forsaking the internet completely. other plans on the table currently are to stop drinking alcohol and to grow at least four inches tall by summer time. I rode the green line past the loop for the first time in American history today.

I don’t want to listen to the Pixies anymore. i am aware of what the pixies have to offer at this point. can we move on. Please. Why am i here in this shithole. It’s almost fucking noon already. Jesus fucking christ. At least I don’t have to stay here until 6 pm like the job in brooklyn. is my macarthur grant ready yet. i’m like a genius, but dumber.

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