For reasons unexplained, she loved the Monkey Man

i just wanted to say, merry christmas. by which i mean, the White Sox are going to reap a harvest of sorrow at some point in the next three months, and i’d like to be on the congressional record as firmly in support of that harvest of sorrow. like they’re going to open what they think is a box of cereal for breakfast and bees will swarm out of the box and go straight for their eyes.

more on other things later when i don’t have weird crippling back stiffness and it isnt 4:03 am and i am not much more interested in sleeping.

2 thoughts on “For reasons unexplained, she loved the Monkey Man”

  1. I don’t think you’re really doing justice to what’s going to happen to the Chicago White Sox. As I was saying last night, it is mathematically impossible for the White Sox to win a playoff series this year.

    Even if somehow the Twins and Indians, both of whom are better teams than even the Scotty-Pod-enhanced Sox, fail to eclipse them in the standings, the White Sox will lose in round one. I feel this is somehow provable, if you had a theory of everything, like how you can’t ever see the universe expanding but you know if you could ever get a ruler to the leading edge you could prove it.

    Unless the White Sox play the Rangers in the ALDS, in which case I think we find ourselves with yet another Ron-Silver-at-the-end-of-Time-Cop situation.

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