Peace in our time

From Amy:
I just wanted to comment so that I could gain a little clarity on this. I am a Knitwear designer, as well as a knitter. I have practiced many other art forms in the past (none with textiles). i have noticed with almost every thing I have done, there are a few talented and useful practitioners, and many totally unskilled and often volatile amateurs. I enjoy what I do, and it IS a neccessary pasttime if for no other reason than that without designers, there would be no sweaters to purchase in the store. however, the recent surge in popularity is often aggravating, and strange. Although basic knitting skills are not hard to acquire, the influx of unskilled new knitters doing it because it is hip often a) expect big results with little effort b)assume that since athing is "handmade" it is of high quality c)often waste time and money attempting to gain a skill they do not have the talent or ability to learn. this , of course, does not apply to all knitters, but there are many out there with awful spatial comprehension, poor knowledge of color, and very very low reading comprehension skills (oh DO NOT let me get into that one). This is often a very irritating phenomenon for me, as well as other skilled knitters. I think many of the "new" "cool" things that are popping up in the knitting world give the skill a bad name. I love what I do, and find it neccessary and rewarding, but I really can't understand why it is becoming so popular, and am anxious for the craze to pass. it is sort of like millions of tone deaf people taking up opera. So, for clarity-are you completely opposed to knitting as a whole, or just the trend?

Thanks for your thoughtful comments, Amy, and I would like to clarify a few things about the Anti-Knitting Bund. We are strenously against the trend and not the historical construct of making clothing out of yarn with your hands and metal sticks. Perhaps the earlier white paper was unclear and flecked with hasty language. Actually I know for sure that it was. Anyway, we could all stand to take a minute and pay attention to what Amy has to say, because she is, as they say, on point. Maybe what I should have said, instead of “I (bleep) hate knitting” is that I hate hipster arts & crafts trend-spotting, but that doesn’t leap off the tongue in the same way. So, Amy, everyone, I think what we need now is some Pete/knitting community perestroika. I encourage everyone to go out and continue to knit professionally and have a swell time doing so. If you are knitting for the wrong reasons, I don’t respect you or like you and you are making Amy’s life harder.

5 thoughts on “Peace in our time”

  1. Dear Pete,

    Since my recent leisure activities have left me laid up and unable to shoot my mouth off about how great I am, I have taken up knitting and I find it to be quite tranquil and soothing. So quit hating.

    Love you,
    The Chosen One

  2. If you are the Chosen One, I would like to know who chose you and for what you were chosen in the first place. Please cease and desist from infringing on one of Mr. LeBron’s many and glorious titles.

  3. pete –

    thanks for soliciting the following:

    1) comments from the person who slagged on you for “airports I have known”

    2) the “stay cool in the face of stupid criticism” which has not appeared since that article concerning your routines in case anyone wanted to beat you up

    3) the general drift of pro- and anti-knitting commentary

    prediction: mcgrady’s ankle is broken by may 15th

  4. Wow, it must be great to be perfect like that Amy. Such snobbery is mind-boggling. If we can’t do things perfectly, if we can’t reach the highest level of quality in our efforts, then we don’t even have the right to try. What a twit.

    I don’t care what some pale and pimply blogger or chi-chi knitting designer think of my finished product, and I don’t care that knitting is a trend. All I know is I’ve found a hobby that both helps me relax and gives me a finished product that I can enjoy. If you don’t like it, don’t look. Bah.

    And to think, I was one of the people over at the knitting boards who intially said this site was no big deal, nothing to complain about. Then I saw this mutual masterbation of the small-minded snots and boy, did my tune change.

    You folks need to get over yourselves. Seriously.

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