well, the world has seven wonders

1. several dozen pictures of jay witasick.

I’m trying to wear leather shoes again, and it’s going about as well as it usually does. I got rotting water lillies on my new balances yesterday and I understood it as a flaming spear from God trying to tell me to go back and attempt to wear grown-up shoes again. I spent some time this morning in the shower thinking about how it was time, and then i started thinking about Brook Jacoby.

can i borrow The Ice-Shirt from someone, if someone has The Ice-Shirt?
So, William T. Vollmann? why aren’t more people excited about him? Powers I can understand people sort of sleeping on (Richard Powers is kind of like the Vijay Singh of Great White Novelists– a totally viable chance as like The Guy, but somehow a little too effortless to really get excited about (except for the Vijay Singh lightning safety PSAs). Actually maybe the reason people don’t like Vijay is because he’s kind of arrogant/snooty about women, whereas there’s not really a reason to dislike Richard Powers novels other than there are too many of them and some aren’t so great. Which is probably something you can say about Vollmann, too. Pretty much everybody except James Joyce, and well, 1 of his 2 novels isn’t actually something you can read, it’s just sort of this lingering insult that takes a year to pronounce. I guess, what i’m saying is, if there was either fantasy sports with novelists, or like a collectible desktop card game (also with novelists) William Vollmann is definitely a guy I would want on my team, because he is awesome and draws his own maps, and I enjoy his fiction, also.

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