Do you have any idea how hard this is

1. You’re not allowed to stand in the giant-multiethnic-faces-encased-in-glass fountain area at Millennium Park with shoes or socks on. Pigeons can shit on this, but people can’t wear shoes on it. this is why Chicago, as a major city, can’t have nice things. in Rocky III, when paulie gets the robot, he can’t just have a robot and enjoy it. he has to turn it into a porn slave. Chicago can’t have a pretty-nice downtown park area with a giant multiethnic faces-shooting-water fountain device without turning the Waffen-Segway Korps loose on unsuspecting suburban pre-teens who just want to play int he water. This is every single thing that is wrong with america.

2. Is it ok to want to fire eric wedge

3. more later about the article in new york magazine entitled “I HATE BROOKLYN”: it’ll be worth the wait. i might even have to buy the magazine just to dispense hate on this article. i have a complicated relationship with new york city and new york magazine, but this is for different stuff.

4. last note on the knitting thing: i never said video games were better or even equal to knitting, i just said i don’t like knitting and i don’t like the fact that i play video games. i’m even trying to sell my damn playstation, so why don’t you fucking yarncovered fascists people go back to eastern fucking europe and knit me some artisanal breadto knitting, and i’ll go back to being a raving homosexual. i think i am confusing knitters with the christian right/hipsters/eastern europe. so i’ll leave off then. anyway, Tribe in 05, and i’m walking to the train now.

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