talking about i want to see you deceased

The shit where people, all kinds of people, are walking with polo shirts with the collar flipped up: I have a suspicion that reactionaries and various kinds of bigots are already taking to the battlements are talking about how either it makes most people look stupid or that white people shouldn’t do it or whatever. i don’t know which side i am on other than to say that, if flipping your collar up is OK or in style for a minute, when do i get to start wearing overalls with one strap off like huck finn. that’s what i want to know.

i don’t understand the physiology of trend-extension: why would you want to do specifically what other people are doing. it;s like getting into the longest line at the supermarket so you can feel like a member of the majority. specifically, why would you do this with polo shirts. is this related to kanye west dressing like the bad guys from One Crazy Summer? Why did he do that? rank nostalgia is one thing; even if I Love the ’80s/’90s/’40s makes my brain hurt and i wish people wouldn;t watch it, i accept that they do, and i understand the reasons why. they show goofy shit, and then people make vaguely potty-mouthed comments on it, and everybody is entertained, allegedly. but then the #1 rap music guy started dressing like magnum PI, indie rock kids starting doing coke because it’s funny, and now the white college kids i see at jimmy’s are dressing like magnum pi.

on the other hand, i did see that guy, who wears replica jerseys all the time, wearing a very nice Mark Teixiera number.

2 thoughts on “talking about i want to see you deceased”

  1. as for the one-shoulder overalls thang, you missed your moment, doll–t’would be c. 1991.

    i hope this does not depress you into silence as i really do enjoy reading the bitter rantings herein.

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