Just like a bum taking a swig from his bottle of whiskey

I went to the secondhand store down the street, which i do about three times a week actually, pretty much anytime when i feel an impulse to waste $3 and take a short walk, and i bought two books, five t-shirts (to be described directly), four pairs of pants (one was turned into shorts) and a complimentary feeling like I needed to take a shower added into all that (that feeling was not entirely the fault of village discount LLC but yes it was entirely their fault). i keep buying thrift store clothes because i don’t have the money for real clothes, and they don’t sell t-shirts that say “KOREAN AMERICAN” at the Gap, and they do sell them at village discount. or t-shirts with watercolor paintings of basset hounds on them.

in the vein of the History of Wolves on Shirts: is there an internatonal aesthetics of crap accord I am not privy to that stipulates in any t-shirt-driven rendition of an animal, there must be one large profile depiction of that animal with a smaller full-body rendition below, with either a second full-body smaller rendition of more than one of the animal filling the rest of the shirt, which can be subsituted liberally for a painting of the moon, a canyon and solitary desert pines. the answer is yes do not fight me on that. Unfortunately my new basset hound t-shirt does not have a solitary desert pine.

i think i am going to die if i keep eating this mexican food.

One thought on “Just like a bum taking a swig from his bottle of whiskey”

  1. Tell me about this liquor store you work at. Which one is it? I hope it’s the one by my sort of house. You know, the cheap, cut rate liquor store…rothschild’s, that’s the name. I bet it’s not that one though b/c it’s really far from your house. I call it my sort of house because I’m only go to live there for like 5 more days or something from Aug. 15th to whenever i pack up and drive to boston. Are you still working at Billiards’ Digest?

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