bees on the what now

harvest of sorrow for white sox will arrive at the station shortly, i hope. also, please stop trading larry bigbie. phil nevin for chan ho park, this needs to be unpacked. when i get a minute on sunday afternoon or monday, I’m going to explain, sort of in reference to Lt. B.Q. Manwaring’s fear of being left behind by the careening shitwagon of modern culture, why, for me, it’s convenient and healthy to have cobbled together a moral code that privileges a non-ironic appreciation of seminal country music, baseball and a larger understanding of sports as automatic cultural handwriting drama, and I can’t remember the other thing, which I think was emotional restraint (not suppression, restraint) all of which, when arranged in the appropriate sequence, generate a loud buzzing noise and explain some shit.

i’ve never actually paid that much attention to the movie Bull Durham, nor do i think that this is a problem that I need to tackle at anypoint in the next 47 years, but i would like to point out that strikeouts are clearly not fascist. i don’t know why this bothers me, but if anything is fascist (in a sort of site-specific definition of fascism) it’s home runs.

books acquired at the Newberry Library Book Sale
Civil War in Pictures
The Private Memoirs and Confessions of Justified Sinner
Common Ground *
Eminent Victorians *
F. Scott Fitzgerald In His Own Time
The Crack-Up *
The Last Tycoon
Henderson the Rain King
The Dean’s December
Augie March, Adventures of *
The Alienist *
Three Farmers on Their Way to a Dance *
Studs Lonigan
American Tabloid
The Hunting Sketches
The Man With the Golden Arm
Walk on the Wild Side
Kiss of the Spider Woman
Tristam Shandy
The Thief’s Journal
Bastard Out of Carolina
The Goodbye Look
Blue Angel
Lead Time (Garry Willzsz)

price $24.00. $6 of that was Common Ground and Lead Time.
* = have already read, just wanted a copy for owning/reference

3 thoughts on “bees on the what now”

  1. I’m not saying it won’t happen, but here are the mathematical parameters of the “harvest of sorrow.”

    White Sox are currently on pace to win 105 games this season, while Minnesota and Cleveland are both on pace to win 84 games. Even at, say, a .350 clip for the remainder of the season, the White Sox would still finish at around 89 wins (with some rounding). At the current pace, to finish behind the Twins or Indians, the White Sox would have to lose 75% of their games for the remainder of the season.

    I mean, I suppose Minnesota or Cleveland could win at a .600 clip and reach 90 wins, and maybe edge out a flagging White Sox team. Is that what you’re predicting?

  2. holy shit balls yes.

    rabbit, run – 50¢
    the spy who came in from the cold – 50¢
    catcher in the rye – 25¢ *
    totally beat up copy of poor richard’s almanac – 50¢

    * – the cheapest book so far, according to excited librarian/checkout lady.

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