Get your own baby

I went ahead and bought a copy of Indecision, not out of the expectation that it will be so good or bad as to alter the landscape of my face but that maybe I could try to write something about it and sell it to someone. Also, for fans, I no longer work at a liquor store. I got summarily fired as a response to giving my two weeks’ notice in response to being yelled towards or at in response to a bottle of rèserve perrin côtes du rhone 2001 with a spoiled cork that i failed to properly memorandize/dispose of. I was on a kick, in the end times of working at a liquor store, of being civil, which is not one of my more prominent traits, and i maintained this civility almost all the way to the end of the line, although i did drop a few f-bombs in my um, exit interview, which i, miss lonelyhearts of miss lonelyhearts, feel bad about and wish i could retract. and you can close the book on kelder (thank god). more on Indecision and my pressing need to go to the bathroom after this interruption.

almost forgot: the main point of this post was to let everyone know that I am Going Corporate. further definition of this now-murky process and what it entails, planning-wise, for me, in days to come.

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