ante up

Things i was relieved of when that guy robbed me at gunpoint last night at 54th pl. & Harper:
:: wallet that had Mexican 10-peso note printed on outside
:: $1 and $2 with sentimental/monetary value
:: $10 and $1 bills with monetary value
:: budding affinity for new deal liberalism (suspected, not confirmed)
:: invalid subway sub club sandwich-welfare card (suspected, not confirmed)
:: debit cards, two
:: valid ohio driver’s license
:: expired university of chicago ID card
:: U of C library access card with someone else’s name on it
:: radio shack receipt(s) for a dub cable that didn’t really work
:: a newspaper clipping that said “U.S. divided, but analysts don’t expect culture war”
:: chicago public library card
:: copico card with like $0.45 on it
:: like eight or nine CTA cards with a balance of $0.00
:: at least one 7-day NYC metrocard (expired)
:: any confusion i had about whether or not cops are racist maniacs
Updates, relevant:
:: the subway sub club card (the program has been discontinued) has been located safe and sound in the envelope where i keep my birth certificate and movie ticket stubs. ain’t no viet cong going to destroy the only proof that i ate lunch at least six times last fall at the subway on church ave in borough heights.

3 thoughts on “ante up”

  1. I was tempted to be all like “DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHO I AM? I RUN THIS TOWN” to the guy. but i’m (mostly) glad I didn’t.

  2. If you like 2 or more of the following things you are still a new deal liberal.
    1) farm subsidies
    2) hydro electric power &/or rural electricification
    3) noblesse oblige/ striped pants
    4) fascist architecture
    5) organized labor

    getting mugged shouldn’s have anything to do with. We can talk more about this after I get mugged.

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