Jesus Not Caesar

My prediction that that white sox would dogdirt the bed, which i have reiterated over and over again since roughly April, when the white sox scored like four runs in the ninth to beat the indians and derail the first month of the season for them, turned out to be exactly 100% wrong, basically once they made the playoffs, but the fact that they reached and subsequently won the World Series definitely rachets it up to like 100+% incorrect. I still don’t feel bad about makign the prediction, since by a good many semi-relevant metrics, the white sox are/were not as good at baseball this year as many other teams. then again, if you buy some of the metrics i buy, the mets should have won the NL East and brian fuentes is the MVP/cy young winner. the main thing is that i don’t feel bad about it, which is the important thing. i’m glad to see the white sox win, because white sox fans deserve it, since a surprising % share of them really do give a snit and play the right way. although i maintain that “no one gives a shit about the white sox” is empirically true and is proven by the exceptions.

i still have opinions about this baseball season and will drop them sometime this weekend. right now, though, i am going to sip cordials and read melville and stroke my chin hairs. because i have a job, with benefits, starting monday, at a real office with elevators and nice furniture, in a field i like, in a thing i like, with a prairie-school-themed cafe in the building, and i have my dignity.

3 thoughts on “Jesus Not Caesar”

  1. Pete! That’s fantastic! What will you be doing?
    I want to hear all about it!
    My keyboard will only insert ! when I hit any of the punctuation keys except ?!

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