Satin sheets to cry on

If anyone wants to take the liberty of translating the german in that picture (i think it’s something from wagner) go ahead and go nuts, all i care about is that they used a collie. there was also a picture of a girl, dressed up as captain ahab, except in a bikini, stabbing some guy who was supposed to be moby dick (he was just wrapped in a white sheet) with a sword, everyone knows swords were a popular way to kill ways. maybe weird german bad conceptual art whales can be killed with swords.

i think someone needs to start a hyde park crime tracking and response blog. just so we can go ahead and finish turning into west rogers park while the u of c turns into a bad ivy league school, right down to people getting rolled on campus and kids having weird racist-themed bacchanalia in the halls of academe. i’m about as indifferent to my personal safety as about anyone else, but i don’t like it when other people start adjusting my personal paranoia.

media review, week of 10/31/05
Operation Be Human expanded to my watching house MD for the first time. i figured i could probably run the risk since i had already seen more than an hour worth of commercials for House MD over the last two baseball playoffs, so might as well trade that in for an episode. Shock outcome: House MD is actually kind of funny, although the plots are um, stupid, and i’m guessing repetitive (This week: House refuses to make an easy diagnosis and instead almost kills the guy but then everyone sees he was right almost all along at the end). I give House MD the halting one snap of approval. I approve because i laughed at it, i disapprove because i was probably half in the bag at the time and more concerned about when i would get to play scrabble next. also, i am sh1tty at scrabble.

New rules of living:
1. We tuck our shirt in, every day, unless it is a sport shirt, in which event do not wear it to work
2. Soup as part of at least 9 meals a week
3. No gum chewing
4. Only walk down streets with businesses on them. When not an option always jog.
5. No more paying for storebought haircuts except as a form of therapy
6. introduce yourself to everyone. no exceptions for awkwardness.
7. jacques demers

Things I would do if I got medical coverage soon
1. Eye exam
2. semiprecious gem inserted into front tooth
3. mouth inspection, intermediate intensity
4. divert some funds into purchasing DVD of miller’s crossing, other films
5. lots of unnecessary prescriptions

4 thoughts on “Satin sheets to cry on”

  1. Hagen: Drink first, hero, from my horn.
    I flavored this ? trink for you,
    to wake bright memory for you,
    those distances won’t escape. (?)

    Siegfried: I found, sleeping, a shining maid (?). My kiss boldly woke her up.

    Stage direction: He sticks his speer in Siegfried’s back. Siegfried swings with both hands his shield high above, in order to smash it upon Hagen. His strength leaves him; he falls along with the shield atop it.

    Something like that. You can find an artier translation disributed around here:

  2. It is from Act III, Scene II of Götterdämmerung, but it often skips a bunch between each of the lines, especially in Siegfried’s speech. It says:

    Hagen: First drink, hero, from my horn,
    I spiced the draught well,
    For you to waken your memory clearly,
    So that the past shall not slip your mind.

    Siegfried: I found a wonderous woman.
    My bold kiss awakened her.

    Stage direction: He plunges his spear in Siegfried’s back.
    Siegfried lifts his shield up high with both hands to crash it down on Hagen.
    His strength fails him.
    He himself falls back on the shield.

  3. episode of house, m.d. (short version):

    1. someone gets sick
    2. they start to die
    3. house is like, ‘let’s do this’
    4. it doesn’t work
    5. house is like, ‘let’s do this, then’
    6. house’s boss is like ‘you’ll get us fired’
    7. unnecessary interlude where house asks the student doctors what they would do, and they’re like ‘we don’t know,’ and he’s like, ‘do this,’ and they’re like ‘that’s unethical,’ but you’re soooo smart
    8. house does the thing and the dude lives
    9. house does recreational painkillers
    10. montage with music

    in other words, it’s like law and order except with medicine and there’s only one basic plot instead of six. but hugh laurie: undeniable. i think the reason the show works really well is, like, why distract from hugh laurie being awesome with a plot and shit.

  4. the other thing the show doesn’t distract from hugh laurie with is “other characters.”

    in other words, “house, m.d.” is just hugh laurie. i don’t know how long this shit can last, but, cheers to him.

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