Embarassment … An oath … A second oath

current source(s) of belittlement: the men’s room urinal. if i want to be splashed with my own urine, i don’t think i would be in the bathroom at all, now would I, unless i wanted some privacy. i’ve been beaten down pretty badly on this one and i don’t expect to mount an offensive anytime soon. handicapped stall it is. as far as i can tell there are no handicapped people in the building, so i’m not bothering anyone as i relax with periodicals such as “Bookforum” (secretly bad? final judgment pending) and “The London Review of Books” (i read it on the bus to impress blue collar types)

committment, newfound: tacked onto earlier resolutions regarding a new dress code, i’ve more or less decided i should only wear clothing from brooks brothers, especially sneakers from brooks brothers. unfortunately for me, and for brooks brothers, everything they sell costs c $300, except for the sneakers, which thank god for that. i think we need to cobble together our resources, we merry graduates of the soon-to-be dissolved college of the university of chicago (cross your fingers), and look into starting a brooks brothers bootleg emporium. write for details.

i promise to write about literature later today. i only have 20 mins before work to take my digestif and oil myself for office combat.

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