cosmopsis/that man chopped my fingers right off

:: still hackin up bits and pieces of The Year in Books That I Read 2005. i can offer several teasers. for instance, the worst book i read this year was also the first book i read this year congratulations jay mcinerney!) and the last book i have read so far was so far my favorite (john barth). this tells us something about my long- and short-term memory functions, although i’ll tell you, i might be wrong about john barth but i am NOT wrong about jay mcinernery. i have clinical evidence (the book even smells and looks bad, importantly).

:: wouldn’t Boyz N Tha Hood be more affecting if at the end it turned out that Ricky hadn’t even gotten the minimum SAT score to get into USC and play football? Did he even get the minium score? i can’t remember. i was fretting about this while walking home from work today (i have a fever, actually, if that explains a bit). then i immediately decided that i am sick of living in hyde park and i was going to look into houseboat options, then some guy kind of made a face at me as we passed and it turned out he was going into my building too so i had to hide over by the door to subway to wait for him to get done checking his mail (he took a good long time, which made me fairly certain he had small- or large-scale plans to vex me)

5 thoughts on “cosmopsis/that man chopped my fingers right off”

  1. there was some piece in the washington post about 20-somethings in the DC area that live on houseboats instead of, like, having apartments. i don’t think you’d actually save money in chicago doing so but apparently you can save a bit in the district. i think that’s the main reason i wanted to work for slate, so i’d have an excuse to live on a boat.

  2. Tes, Ricky gets just above the minimum score, which as far as I can tell one acquires by writing their name and successfully taking the 10-minute break.

  3. The editorial director of Bloomsbury in the UK lives on a houseboat. We had an editorial phone conference and somebody was like, is Alexandra there, and her assistant said, nope, she’s at her houseboat.

    Also apparently houseboats are the new shit in Amsterdam, because of global warming – your basement is going to flood and your whole house will be surrounding by water anyway, so you just get something that floats. Except your house is sometimes on land in Amsterdam, so they’re like these optional third-way houseboats for shithead yuppies and people with social consciences (which is a precondition to which).

  4. on houseboats: i didn’t know i could do this but i somehow inadvertantly touched off a nerve with myself. now i can add the story about a guy who extralegally docks a houseboat off promontory point to the collection of the Hyde Park kunstlerroman, which is now going to be mostly about a guy who uses racial profiling as a smokescreen to get away with lots of carjackings which is mostly about liberal guilt as a force on geopolitics. and the boy who is love with his dog. i have to stop noting these things out and start writing these stories. i have a check for $8000 in my hand but it’s not for me, it’s for an author of a book about ecology

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