She’s my soft touch typewriter

:: The ragtop cherry-red c.1992 Geo Metro convertible with a tiny St Louis Cardinals sticker on it. You have been parked next to Ribs N Bibs for a week. Your ragtop is not in gem mint 10 condition, if your ragtop was a baseball card or Hummel figurine.

:: The Baltic Bakery. Allegedly has some issues with health code. i don’t care if there are rat droppings or even rats in the bread, the shit tastes good. Get down with Russian Rye or Bociu Duona to-night. but be careful, it might have a) rat droppings in it b) wildly uneven slices c) a random different problem d) all of the problems. but i can guarantee it won’t be more than $1.99, and you will also have no way of knowing how fresh it is until you eat it. i like that the BalBakery brings a little bit of eastern europe to everything they do, including adherence to standards of hygiene, forthcomingness in re information, nutrition, &c. 1,000 times yes.

:: just driving through a stop sign not even looking at the road. as has been said in other places, if a thing’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. if you don’t give a shit about pedestrians or traffic laws/safety, why even bother looking? let’s be honest: one of us has more to lose, it’s me, and i’m going to do the leg work on this. you just go ahead and get down with your MacDonald’s quarter pounder/cell phone/changing a diaper/smoking weed/two cell phones and smoking/everything at once. can you spot the hidden racism (the extra-hidden racism) in that last bit. not a racist.

:: old overholt rye whiskey. turns your brain into a dry-erase board

:: toothpicks

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