If there’s something you’d like to try

for the record, I finished A Dance to the Music of Time two weeks ago. I’ve been working on something else to do with myself since then. also, i have been going to the woodlawn tap and ordering shirley temples. They make me smarter, I expect. Drinking is for shitheads, let me say that (you know what goes here)

to come soon:
Thoughts on Jewish boxers and non-fiction emotional porn.

I am ordinately excited about the fact that my employer(s) have committed in writing to hiring a second person to do the same thing as me, which means i have to do 50% less work than i was doing before while still being paid as much and keeping my own chair and computer and the internet and chris shelton.

also, i need to buy a new indians hat.

also, if anyone knows of a person who is in need of employment, has interest in recondite science publishing and lives in the chicagoland area (and isn’t specifically anathema to me), feel free to get in touch, as i might be (am) able to put in a word for you. yes, it would be awkward.

and lastly, everyone say a prayer for old friend Wiry Cat. she went on some kind of IRA hunger strike and is apparently down to the kind of weight that got her the name “Wiry Cat.” i predict that the vet will diagnose wiry cat with “being a crazy asshole.”

-johannes silentio

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