All the mayonnaise

i will be in the (widely construed) bay area (san jose, the oldest civilian settlement in california) from June 23-28. if you are interested in watching me drink a bunch of coffee and fidget with things, please e-mail me and we can make a personal appointment for that sort of thing. on a somewhat related note, i will be in nyc from june 30-july 4ish, and if you want to see the same thing, you know what to do. also, i might need your shower a few times somewhere in that stretch. i think i have restless leg syndrome. i went to historic Pullman today. we have a warehouse there. i would explain the ways in which the entire experience wasn’t depressing but there do not appear to be many of them. warehouses, though, in general: more complicated than commonly expected. i saw a great many people with tattoos who seemed to have very serious emotional relationships with either cars or chicago-area professional sports teams.

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