that’s like pouring bacon grease on my brain

some moments from recent excursions:
:: Elliott Gould as Philip Marlowe. give it a chance
:: the minor works of Orson Welles, specifically F is for Fake. do not bother with “around the world” unless you want to watch orson welles have long conversations with retirees about their eating habits. also, orson welles: sweats a lot. documentaries with many lies in them: a good idea.
:: i am still working on getting a new hat. i want to get a straw hat but i don’t want to wind up looking like either perry farrell or tom kite and i cannot figure out what kind of straw hat would do that. unless it’s like a tom sawyer/scarecrow style hat, in which event i would look like tom sawyer. what does that rush song have to do with tom sawyer, by the way?
:: i don’t want to be the guy who urges his friends to read um, graphic novels, but um, fuxor. there’s no way to finish this sentence without exposing myself to critique. just read The Watchmen. alan moore’s shit is for real. god damn it. while i have my self-perjury equipment out…
:: i am starting to like the white sox. the indians being terrible has something to do with this but that does not absolve my sin, only explain its origins. disregard all of this. i fucking hate the white sox. they are nazi dogdirt scum.
:: under the volcano, malcolm lowry. not a good book to read if you have occassional problems with special treat portion size and frequency of use. actually maybe the best book to read if you have that.
:: invisible cities, italo calvino. his science is too tight. calvino built my camp but without telling me. i used to think weird fake folktales did not apply to my life but clearly i was wrong.
:: Katamari Damacy: ripping my life into a heap of shredded rags. BUT, i made a katamari so big (880 meters) on “Make the Moon” that i got “eternal” status where you get to play without a time limit. dah-da-da-da-duh-duh-dah ka-ta-ma-ri-da-ma-seeeeeeeeee (drums). there is a dent in the couch where i sit when i play this game. i mean, it’s also where i sit whenever i do anything in the house, but i feel like the dent is more japanese than it used to be.

also, i resolved to go back to school on saturday night while pretending to be a yuppie at a fancy restaurant. then i remembered that i would have to ask people for letters of recommendation and i freaked out about that because it would be mildly (at the worst) awkward. i feel like it would be better if i just wrote my own letters. and forged signatures and whatnot. i mean, i don’t even remember college, so i can’t imagine why any of my professors would remember it for me. i am going back to shuffling around papers and sending e-mails explaining why things haven’t happened yet. somebody let me know if i need to do anything.

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