just don’t be here in the morning when i wake up

Writing about Infinite Jest in the introduction to the story collection The Burned Children of America – a kind of literary equivalent of USA Today – Zadie Smith also recognised that, post 9/11, “Underneath the professional smiles there is a sadness in [America] that is sunk so deep in the culture you can taste it in your morning Cheerios . . . You can be unsatisfied in America, or unfulfilled, you can be unrecognised, unappreciated, you can be unbalanced, unemotional, unnutritionally satisfied and un-numerically rewarded, you can be unrepresented and unspoken – but you cannot be unhappy … And yet there remains this sadness … Wallace identified it: many, many people followed him.”

Oct. 17 (Bloomberg) — The U.S. population will pass 300 million today, propelled by a wave of immigrants who make up the largest proportion of the nation since the 1920s.

The Census Bureau population clock adds one person every 11 seconds and will reach 300 million at 7:46 a.m. New York time, spokesman Mark Tolbert said in a statement. The count includes one birth every seven seconds, one death every 13 seconds and one new immigrant every 31 seconds.

Zadie Smith: how it can be bullshit to state an opinion
300 million people! I hope some of them leave. Hint: it’s not the immigrants. Or me.

First line of Rod Blagojevich’s creepy skullface campaign ad:
“According to my opponent, I am the worst person in the world, and I do everything wrong. Come on guys.”

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