sick priest

I’m not that hard to impress; i remembered that today when i caught myself marveling the fact that McDonald’s in Canada is bilingual (PS i ate at McDonald’s today. And Tim Hortons, which has no apostrophe).

vancouver, at least during the first day i was here (the only day that it wasn’t raining and freezing cold) is actually in the 21st century, which i guess other people are more accustomed to or less put off by. chicago (this is one of the reasons i prize chicago and specifically hyde park) still seems to exist in the 20th century, more or less at some moment in between 1974 and the Challenger explosion (1985? 1986?). i need to put some critical thought into this. right now i’m back on the damn west coast. this isn’t part of the real world. is it? also, skiing and other leisure sports: seriously, get the fuck out of here. genuine interest in skiing a lot: 90+% indicator of evil spirits living in your head. for serious. when does baseball season start again?

discussion topics:
1. my self-identification as a native of illinois: skyrocketing. strangely, this is only reflected in A) my driver’s license B) sports fan loyalty C) disparaging comments about NE Ohio
2. music: if everyone agrees to stop paying attention, will people please stop making rock music? we have enough. also, whatever happens, no more brooding white indie rappers. this is only encouraging people. it’s only a matter of time before one of the olsen twins is buying anticon and releasing mixtapes. please.
3. academics: being at these conferences is like watching the concept of personal grooming personified and then beaten to death with a two by four. i know i already talked about but this, but it’s almost worth the trip just to see some of these people. we’re*this close* to my dream of seeing someone in a knee-length tunic carrying a sword. you have no idea.
4. Canada: this is a real country, i am realizing.

2 thoughts on “sick priest”

  1. I always liked Tim Hortons. my siser, in fact, used to swear that it served the best donuts in North America, but I think that probbaly (sp.) reflected a more general, a deep, vague romantic attachment to Canada. for my own part, I too always suffered (in the old sense of ‘passion’) romantic feelings for America del Norte, but not so much because of a misty nostalgia attaching to broadcast feeds of Leafs-Sabres games on CBC in Buffalo, NY, but on account of a Canadian ex-pat I had a crush on from ages 13 to 15. Here’s to you, Laura M.

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