X you guys

cat in scarf. this is all building towards the Gil Meche thing, i promise.

giant millipede with produce

wintering in north hyde park, on the veranda (i’m having a wrought iron cage built out there). urbs in horto. the garbage can (those of you who have ever attended my irregularly scheduled cocktails/bible study meetings on the roof of the check-cashing place might remember the comically overstuffed garbage can that was full of halfconsumed juiceboxes and turkey burgers; that shit had been marinating out there for six months and then, despite surviving summer, fall, winter, assault by raccoons and the general indignity of being a garbage can full of foul shit, fell over at some point in the last three days. normally i don’t pay that much attention to how my garbage can is doing, but unfortunately in this situation, the garbage can became the head of a miniature river of unTVingconscionable bad smells that is now running down the length of the roof. does anybody have a fire hose I can borrow?

One thought on “X you guys”

  1. Regarding Gil Meche, garbage only incidentally, and the deep economic structures that order civilization, I would like to see mention of the superrich-rich gap and not just the cleanly observed but no longer interesting rich-poor gap. The idea being that Gil Meche has made an economic leap of sorts but you have to discard your romantic but somewhat al dente notions of socioeconomic depression/pigeonholing, as informed by the early/mid 20th c. belles lettres, in order to really get a handle on what has happened with Gil Meche, as it regards the American (the global!) condition. I’ll leave the heavy lifting to you though. It all has something to do with profligacy and perverse incentives, I think. I’m not going to try and tie in garbage, at all.

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