angry letter

Peter Beatty
1367 E 53rd St. Apt. 212
Chicago, IL 60615
(773) 387-9861

March 20, 2007

Attn: Billing error supervisor
Budget Rent A Car System, Inc
14298 Collections Center Drive
Chicago, IL 60693

Re: Invoice for Rental Agreement U216786640

Dear sir/madam:

I am writing in response to Budget’s letter of March 12, 2007, This letter included an invoice for the amount of $94.83, which had previously been returned unpaid by my credit card company. This nonpayment was at my behest. I was double-billed for a rental lasting from December 1-3 2006, rented at your O’Hare Airport location and returned to your Midway Airport location.

To support my contention, please find attached a copy of 1) my credit card activity from December 2006. You will see two consecutive charges from Budget. One amount matches your recent unpaid invoice ($94.83), which is, as stated in your invoice, resulting from a rental agreement with the confirmation number 43305798US4. The second amount ($85.33) matches the 2) Rental Confirmation printout from December 1, 2006 citing a guaranteed rate of $85.33.

On the date of the contested rental (December 1, 2006), your O’Hare location was having computer problems, and my reservation could not be recovered from the computer. I was able to successfully obtain a car (despite the best efforts of Budget’s on-site employees). I understand and appreciate that computer difficulties are often not easy to remedy, and that most employees are understandably inconvenienced by them. But I will not remit the invoiced $94.83, as I only rented one car that weekend, and refuse to pay for two.

I believe that the enclosed material makes a fairly strong case for my point of view. I would appreciate confirmation in writing that Budget has made an error in billing, and I am no longer alleged to be liable for the aforementioned $94.83. Thank you for your time and attention.

Best wishes,

Peter Beatty

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