domine non sum dignus

Product Features

* Play as Nancy Drew and do double duty as a maid and detective as you clean for clues
* Cook up savory meals such as omelets, hamburgers, and salmon
* Ride across the rolling snow in a snowmobile and avoid deadly hazards
* Take aim in snowball fights and explore in snowshoes
* Play Junior or Senior detective level and erase mistakes without starting over

some field notes from recent days:
what would happen if i took out a personal ad saying i was looking for someone who probably would have been some kind of slavic peasant woman with big arms if not for the industrial revolution and the spread of constitutional democracy, and past that, in a lot of ways, still is a slavic peasant woman at heart?

:: modesty fetish? is this feasible. call with quotes.

“Sometimes he imagined himself serving the last Mass for the last Pope in a catacomb”

also, i’m doing a Run for Diabetes thing except instead of running or having diabetes, the money goes towards me getting the orson welles tattoo. And that’s what you get out of it to, if you either want me to be happy or in pain or a combination of both. Call to discuss.

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