looks like i picked the wrong day to stop huffing liquid wrench

for later today: you can all look forward to a three-line quote from cormac mccarthy that i will neither comment on or explain in any measurable way, plus a consideration of changing weather, expensive t-shirts, billy ripken, and the world-historical implications of playoff baseball 2007. a sneak preview:

total combined records of ALCS teams, 1901-present: 17,016 wins vs 16,122 losses
total combined records of NLCS teams: 1901-present: 1,933 wins vs 2,055 losses
kultur ist geschichte or some such. to quote an esteemed colleague: “if the NL team wins the world series, i will kill.”

today’s self-discovery: i have a hard time ever saying “no” in response to anything, in all categories, all of the time

also i am: reading Bleak House, trying to stop consuming beer permanently, consuming zinc like it is my job, and immediately speaking, somewhat lightheaded.

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