I have a weakness for small men. Small puritans obsessed by power.


good old math, in his sweater vest.

whatever. watch this space for either a poem about finding love in the kleptonarcocratic future or an ad for printer cartridges. or both. can you hear her calling, and what she said.

Recent documents of supremacy:
The White Boy Shuffle by Paul Beatty. no not related to me. although he is my brother under the skin.

The Virgin Spring. am new to this Bergman shit but this is not what i expected. i was expecting austere cinema of the interior life, plus bleak landscapes. instead i got a movie where an annoying teenager gets violently raped then the dudes who did it accidently stop at her family’s house for snacks, and then her father kills them all with his bare hands. also she was on the way to drop off candles at church to honor the holy virgin (also she was not a virgin, although she was supposed to be). slightly more of a jam than i was expecting, or at least much more sonorous. still it’s not really a “popcorn” movie. well, actually, maybe it is. this is what knife in the water would have been like if A) it was better (not that it isn’t ok) B) someone else directed it C) it happened in medieval sweden instead of 1960s poland lake district. also: i am just now realizing that Funny Games overtly references Knife in the Water.

Walker: i would not have expected the director of Repo Man to deliver a psychotic joe strummer-scored (the score is nothing special save for one piece) retard-epic about a deluded american goaded into invading Nicaragua by a drunken Cornelius Vanderbilt. this helps me to understand the Ed Harris thing. i cannot stress to my compatriots enough that they should probably see this movie RIGHT NOW.

other jams to be explicated in due time:
Low Life by Luc Sante (finally got around to finishing it)
Magical Urbanism (my Mike Davis rampage is in remission for a minute, but not because i don’t want to read more Mike Davis)

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