flesh-colored undergarments

some shit about the nature of desire. so i completed** my move* to NY with the help of southwest airlines and the good people of islip township, long island.

fuck around long enough with the metrics you use to make sure you’re getting something out of your life. if any of them go past 75% positive, that last 25% is kind of a warning track beyond which you become a bad person.

dude’s haircuts: i recommend sergio’s barbershop at 45 1st avenue. get 9 haircuts and the tenth is on big S. i listened to two guys racebait each other in a jovial way as one cut the others hair. mind diamond of choice from their battle: “i’m not even going to charge you extra even though i had to shave around your syphilis lip.”

the rest of it wasn’t as creative.

there are a lot of necks in this city; i have to figure out which ones to focus on snapping.

** by which i mean, did not complete even like 10%
* i moved in the sense that my body moved

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