i’m gonna break every heart i can

another poem. things are getting serious around here.

this is called:
and then he kissed me
ideologically coherent gender-wide rearguard action
(it’s versus women)
usage and tradition are drifting, which is fine
it’s totally fine
but just so you know
i might engage in tasteful, values-oriented warfare against women
not in a mean way
whatever ok ok ok
i’m starting a band to facilitate a lot of this
think off-brand jonas brothers
can i borrow that money we talked about earlier
my name isn’t merle as it turns out
i’m not sure what a fleshpot is, but

also, friday sincerity corner episode 22:
A long time ago, one of the first times i was ever in NY, I saw a woman editing a manuscript riding on the subway, and I had a weird discussion with myself about whether or not that was all I ever really wanted to do (use public transportation and get paid to read). and i concluded that this roughly stated was in fact all i really wanted to do, at least outside “visual drama” involving “genitalia” pace C Onstad 2008.

and then today, i did some work reading while on the F train, and i realized that it was still mostly true, but i’m not getting paid enough and that the F Train smells i dunno, Robocop’s urine or something. still, great, whatever, golf clap.

(your personality is defective. please stop)

meerkat manor is narrated by stockard channing

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