T is for tuesday

the day the farmers market of self-expression through the commodification of physical love is open
in the park down the street
i want to blame D.H. Lawrence
but i’ve never read any of his books and
haven’t got the slightest idea what they could about other than coming at the same time

2 thoughts on “T is for tuesday”

  1. Passion, Banana Nutriment–passion is what Lawrence is about! That, and manliness, and such. {To be fair, while he can be utterly ridiculous, he can also be sublime, and his writing about sex and freedom deserve to be graded on a curve because that was a long, long time ago, sex-wise.)

    Really, The Rainbow is very good, few qualifications needed.

  2. LTS- i hear you in re DHL, i am not trying to hate. it’s hard to wriggle into the reading mindset i unfairly expect everyone to have when i write this gibberish but i would say that 99.4% of the accusations leveled in free verse here are not meant to be, you know, like sociolegally pursued. they’re just discrete photons of soul or whatever.

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