how does it feel to be back

if there is one guiding principle i follow in my life as a holy man, i would like to think or at least suggest that it be “i’m not about to deface this property for ‘[your bullshit].” which is why i went ahead and waited until the first round of the playoffs were over before giving you my predictions about what is going to happen in the playoffs. WHICH ARE:

phillies-dodger series ends tied at 4 each (both teams won game 3). unsure how to proceed. as a result, the dodgers advance when pat burrell loses in penalty checkers shootout against hideki kuroda

please god can the red sox lose. that’s not strictly a prediction, but it is a sentence.

condor bonus track only on vinyl release
subway car
condor is reading some stuff for work. spends 40 mins of 41 minute train ride, after reading one page, adjusting his neck to see which head posture makes his chin look the best.

bonus bonus track
then his head melts and he doesn’t have a chin anymore

2 thoughts on “how does it feel to be back”

  1. the phillies are going to bring Mitch Williams out of retirement to blow the final game, which will be played at the Vet.

    both teams would have to win game 7, I think, to tie at 4

  2. yeah, you’d think that, but you’d also think that both teams couldn’t win either game 3 or game 7. i’m no moral philosopher, but there are a few things i do know.

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